2023 VW Tiguan, shown in Opal White, driving on a winding road.

5 Fall-Driving Scenarios Where IQ.DRIVE Adds Peace of Mind

November 15, 2022 
4 minutes read

Whether you’re picking up a pumpkin spice latte (or any other flavor, if pumpkin spice isn’t your thing), heading to a tailgate party, embarking on a road trip to visit family for Thanksgiving, or just running errands, fall can be a great driving season. 

Driving in fall can be even more enjoyable if your vehicle offers enhanced safety features for greater confidence on the road. You’ll find those features in IQ.DRIVE, an advanced driver-assistance technology system available on every 2023 Volkswagen model.

Here are a few of the many fall-driving situations where you’ll be thankful to have a helping hand from IQ.DRIVE.

On a long journey to visit family for Thanksgiving

That freshly baked apple pie you’ve brought along on your Thanksgiving trip might smell great, but it’s not enough to take some of the stress out of holiday travel. Fortunately, IQ.DRIVE can help make the journey a little more comfortable, thanks to Travel Assist. It can help keep your Volkswagen vehicle centered in its lane, and can help maintain a preset distance from the vehicle ahead. Now you can start anticipating your big holiday feast.

Aerial view of a car driving on a curving road, with trees on either side.
In highway traffic while headed to a tailgate party

Sometimes during a football game, a quarterback is unable to see a defender coming from the “blind side.” The same principle applies to the road: There are times when you just can’t see another vehicle in your blind spot. For those occasions, Active Blind Spot Monitor can help. It can alert you to a vehicle hiding in your blind spot, and can help counter-steer if you attempt a lane change after being alerted. By helping to avoid unwelcome surprises, you can focus on getting to the game and cheering for your team.

Highway traffic.
Enjoying a weekend of festivals and farmer’s markets

You’ve planned a perfect fall weekend, filled with fun stops at harvest festivals, farmer’s markets, apple orchards, and more. What you don’t want are problems on the road while getting there. When you’re traveling above 3 mph, the Front Assist feature can deliver audio and visual alerts to warn if you’re at risk of a potential collision with a vehicle ahead. If necessary, it can automatically activate the brakes to help mitigate or avoid a collision. After all, you’re out to see scarecrows in a field, not have scares on the road.

The opened rear cargo space of an SUV, containing a basket of vegetables and a flower bed.
On your way to a beautiful fall hike

Fall is an ideal time for a hike amid the wonders of nature. It can be especially fun to explore a hidden trail—going off the beaten path, if you will. When you’re on the road, however, unintentionally straying from your defined lane is not so much fun. With Lane Assist activated, if you’re traveling around 35 mph or faster and your vehicle begins to drift into another lane without your turn signal on, the system can alert you and counter-steer when necessary to help keep you in your lane.⁠ This is important, because the only wandering you’ll want to do is in your hiking boots.

VW ID.4 EV in Pure Gray, shown from rear three-quarters view, with a person reaching up towards the open liftgate.
Proper installation required. See dealer for details. All roof-rack system attachments require the base carrier bars. All accessories sold separately. Always ensure cargo is properly secured. See owner's manual for details. Only drive and park where it is permitted and always stay on provided roads and paths. See owner’s manual for important information regarding off pavement use.
Doing some Black Friday shopping

Scoring a deal during Black Friday shopping can be satisfying, but navigating the crowded parking lot afterwards is a deal you’d probably like to avoid. If you’re backing out of a tight parking spot and you can’t fully see what’s behind your vehicle, Rear Traffic Alert can help. It can alert you if it detects another vehicle crossing behind yours, and can help activate the brakes before a collision occurs. Go ahead and reward yourself for being a smart shopper—you chose a Volkswagen vehicle with IQ.DRIVE.

A person placing a box into the rear cargo area of an SUV.

Learn more about how IQ.DRIVE can help you hit the road with greater confidence and enhanced safety in all seasons.