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Vehicle software updates

The latest software updates may include new features and enhanced functionality.

Why are software updates important?

With the software updates, select models or model year vehicles may receive updates that are available even after your initial purchase.

Your benefits

  • Optimizations
  • Improved vehicle functionality
  • Where applicable, prerequisites for further updates and new applications
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Vehicle software updates available

Software updates include bug fixes, security patches, performance enhancements, and new features that are directly sent to vehicles through an internet connection, helping keep your electric VW up-to-date.

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Updates available for:

Types of vehicle software updates
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Some software updates can be performed “Over-the-Air”. Find out here how it works and which conditions need to be met.

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You will be informed by your Volkswagen dealer when an update needs to be carried out in the dealership. Click below to learn more about updates installed by your dealer.

Find answers about vehicle software updates

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