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Jetta GLI accessories

Discover a wide range of accessories designed to enhance and personalize the Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

The Jetta extended range remote start kit
The Jetta GLI extended range remote start kit

Imagine warming up the engine from the comfort of your heated home in the winter or cooling the car off before climbing inside on a sweltering hot summer afternoon.

Transport solutions

Leave nothing you need for outdoor adventuring behind with these Volkswagen Jetta GLI transport accessories.

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Comfort and protection

Make yourself comfortable and help keep your Volkswagen Jetta GLI protected from the rigors of daily use with these Jetta GLI comfort and protection products.

  • Enhanced rearview mirror with HomeLink Connect® capability

    MuddyBuddy® - FloorLiner™

    Custom-molded for your Jetta GLI model, the MuddyBuddy® FloorLiner™s can help protect the interior carpet up the front, back and even up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell. Their raised edge help to contain snow, slush, mud and everyday spills.

  • Bumperdillo® protection plate

    Bumperdillo® protection plate

    Protect your bumper from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with Volkswagen's Bumperdillo®

  • Enhanced rearview mirror with HomeLink Connect® capability

    This interior rearview mirror features a modern frameless design, electronic compass, all designed for your driving convenience. With 3 HomeLink® buttons which can be programmed to operate most garage door openers and activate home automation routines when used in conjunction with the Homelink Connect® companion app.

Sport and design

Sport and design

Add your own personal touches or achieve a sportier stance with genuine sport and design accessories.

Vehicle care

Car care

Keep your Jetta GLI in the same pristine shape as it was the day you drove it off the lot with car care products.



Never drive unplugged (unless you choose) with these communication accessories, designed to work with your Jetta GLI.

Wheels for the Jetta GLI

Make a dramatic change in the profile of your Volkswagen Jetta GLI with a change of wheels. Our wheels and wheel packages offer compatibility straight out of the box.

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