Regular maintenance for your VW is necessary and can help keep it running smoothly for years to come. Stay ahead of the curve with routine care.

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Routine and professional maintenance

Keeping tabs on general, minor, and standard maintenance is one of the best ways to help extend the life of your Volkswagen. Find your VW maintenance schedule with our convenient online tool.

  • Understand service costs
  • Get insights into routine maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, brake pad inspections, tire rotations, and more
  • Be prepared for more timely services when they're needed, including brake fluid replacement
  • Learn about standard maintenance and inspection practices for your vehicle's battery, cooling system, engine, lighting, and more
  • Review extended maintenance items, including ball joints, coupling rod, bushings, and belts

Order printed copies of your owner’s literature

Browse a comprehensive range of literature on your vehicle (available from 2007+), including information on emissions, service, entertainment, and navigation as well as your vehicle's Owner's Manual—all conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Receive this valuable resource package to learn more about your model's details and help enhance the overall ownership experience.

Digital access to your owner’s manual

For Model Year 2012 and newer VW models, you can view and download a digital version of your Owner's Manual by entering your model's VIN.

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Prepaid scheduled maintenance plan

Simplify your maintenance schedule with a prepaid plan, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fixed costs for manufactured-recommended maintenance intervals, inflation protection, and the assurance of trained VW Techs using Genuine VW Parts.

Explore the suitable plan for your needs and locate a participating authorized Volkswagen dealership to take the next step toward streamlined vehicle maintenance.

Find answers about maintenance

The VW Help Center

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about car care and vehicle maintenance. Explore a wealth of information to better understand maintenance and warranty to ensure your vehicle continues operating smoothly.