New to Volkswagen Financial Services?

Here's what’s next

Soon after you drive your VW off the lot, you’ll receive your account informationincluding your account number—in the mail. With your account number, you’ll be able to start making payments, enroll in AutoPay, and more on My AccountOpens an external link.

How to make your first payment

You’ll need your account number to start making payments online. If your due date is approaching and you are still waiting for your account information to arrive, we recommend you make your first payment over the phone through our automated phone system. Call + 1 800 428-4034 > Enter your account number or Social Security number > select “Option 1.”

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Put account management in drive with My Account

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Access and manage all-things-Volkswagen Financial Services all in one place. To register, you’ll need your account number, Social Security number, and email address.

Once you’re registered, you can:

  • Make or cancel a payment
  • Send and receive secure messages on Message Center
  • Request a payoff quote - View transactions & payment history
  • Download your contract & other important documents on Document Center
  • Get timely notifications about financing milestones & next steps
  • Sign up for paperless billing and enroll in AutoPay

New features are being added all the time, so be sure to log in regularly for timely information and new ways to manage your account.

Leasing? View your timeline

Keep these important action items in mind—and on your calendar.

6 months remaining: Explore your lease transition options. Maybe take a test drive.

3 months remaining: Receive your Wear and Use guide. If you haven’t yet, browse the latest inventory.

45 days remaining: Schedule your complimentary inspection. Arrange to turn in your vehicle, if applicable.

30 days remaining: Make your final payment. Then get ready for your next VW—all on My Account.

A few months before the end of your lease, you’ll be invited to:

  1. View your lease transition options
  2. Learn of your remaining action items
  3. Shop and apply online in 3 simple steps

0 days remaining: Turn in or purchase your vehicle.

To learn more about the lease transition process, view your lease transition options below. If you need additional assistance, send Volkswagen Financial Services a secure message on My AccountOpens an external link via the Help Center.

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Looking to trade in your current VW?

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If you are a lease customer, log in to My AccountOpens an external link to review your options.

As a financing customer, with every monthly payment you make, you’re improving your current vehicle’s equity. Get the details about resale value, learn the benefits of trading in your vehicle, and more.

You also have the opportunity to pay off your vehicle anytime during your contract with us. Log in to My Account to get a payoff quoteOpens an external link.

Ready to get in a new VW? Apply nowOpens an external link.

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