Dashboard lights

What do Volkswagen dashboard lights mean? Explore the instrument cluster icon guide below to learn about your warning light symbols and indicators.

Warning and indicator lights guide

Explore our comprehensive warning lights guide to help you quickly identify what each indicator symbol means.  

It’s important to note that the interpretation of lights may vary across different models, so we recommend consulting your owner's manual for more detailed information.

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Red warning lights

VW symbol vehicle door ajar red doors open
At least one vehicle door is ajar or not closed properly.
VW red warning light hood
Stop! Engine hood is open or not closed properly.
VW red warning light trunk
Stop! Trunk lid is open or not closed properly.
VW red warning light ignition malfunction
Ignition with malfunction or immobilizer activated.
VW red warning steering malfunction
Lights up: Steering system malfunction. Flashes: Electronic steering column lock malfunction.
VW red warning light Steering system malfunction
Stop! Lights up: Steering system malfunction. Flashes: Electronic steering column lock malfunction.
VW red warning driver and/or passenger safety belt not buckled
Driver and/or passenger safety belts not buckled.
VW red warning DSG transmission too hot
DSG transmission too hot.
VW red warning electronic parking brake engaged
Stop! Electronic parking brake engaged.
VW red warning brake system malfunction
Stop! Brake system malfunction or fluid level too low. OR: Together with the ABS Indicator light ABS failure.
VW red warning brake wear
Brake pads worn. Have the brake pads checked and, if necessary, replaced.
VW red warning light engine coolant low
Stop! Engine coolant level too low, engine coolant temperature too high, or engine coolant system malfunction.
VW red warning light engine oil pressure too low
Stop! Engine oil pressure too low.
VW red warning light 12V alternator malfunction
Alternator malfunction. OR: Deactivation of electrical consumers.
VW red warning light cruise control malfunctioning
Cruise control malfunctioning.
VW red warning light red brake pedal
Brake! Depress brake pedal. ACC driver intervention warning.
VW red warning light front assist forward collision warning
Brake or take action to avoid the vehicle ahead. Front Assist Forward Collision Warning).
VW red warning light differential lock malfunction
Differential lock malfunction.
VW red warning light red adblue
No engine restart possible. Not enough AdBlue. OR: AdBlue system malfunction.
VW red warning light red hybrid error
Error in the hybrid system: stop vehicle at a safe location.
VW red central warning light
Central warning light: Read and follow the text messaged in the instrument cluster display.

Amber warning lights

VW amber warning light TPMS
Lights up: Tire pressure too low. Flashes: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) malfunction.
VW amber warning light rear lid is open
Rear lid open.
VW amber warning light yellow key
Ignition switch or starter button (keyless access) malfunction.
VW amber electronic immobilizer car outline
Electronic immobilizer.
VW amber fuel tank guage light yellow fuel pump
Fuel tank almost empty.
VW amber front fog lights not switched on yellow headlight
Front fog lights switched on.
VW amber parking lights switched on yellow lights
Parking lights switched on.
VW amber driving lights burned out warning
Lights up: One or more driving lights burned out. Flashes: Driving light system malfunction or cornering light malfunction.
VW amber adaptive front lighting system malfunction
Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) malfunction.
VW amber headlight range adjustment malfunction
Headlight range adjustment malfunction.

VW amber instrument cluster malfunction
Instrument cluster malfunction.
VW amber central caution light exclamation point yellow
Central caution light: Read and follow the text messages in the instrument cluster display. 
VW amber problem with steering yellow steering wheel with exclamation point
Lights up: Problem with the steering. Flashes: Steering column lock malfunction.

VW amber sealt airbag and safety belt pretensioner malfunction
Airbag and safety belt pretensioner system malfunction. OR: Rollover protection system malfunction.

VW amber front passenger airbag turned off OFF icon with 2
Passenger front airbag turned off.
VW amber windshield wiper malfunction yellow windshield wiper
Windshield wiper malfunction.
VW amber windshield washer fluid levels low spraying icon
Not enough windshield washer fluid.
VW amber warning light rain sensor malfunction
Rain sensor malfunction.