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EV owner benefits

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Electrify America EV vehicle charging stations.
Evolve with Electrify America

Complimentary DC fast charging

In partnership with Electrify America, VW is proud to offer complimentary charging to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers focus on the roads and possibilities ahead.

Electrify America provides a convenient, reliable, and growing network of over 800 EV DC fast charging stations coast-to-coast— along major highways and cross-country routes to meet the needs of VW EV owners.

Charging your electric Volkswagen

There are several methods you can choose from when charging your EV, from at-home installations to complimentary DC fast charging from Electrify America. Learn more in the video or with the resources below.

Enjoy the convenience of Plug&Charge at Electrify America DC fast charging stations

The Electrify America charging plan included with your all‑electric 2023 ID.4 SUV comes with the convenience of Plug&Charge. By activating this feature in the Electrify America app, you can save time when charging—simply plug in your ID.4 SUV at an Electrify America DC fast charging station and, once the connection is established, it will start charging. It’s as simple as that.

Professional home installation with Qmerit

Qmerit provides EV charger installation services for Level 2 chargers, making it easy to charge at home. Certified installers ensure the job is done right and they offer a free online estimate. Qmerit can upgrade your electrical system if needed or install a Level 2 HomeStation EV charger. Experience a simple and seamless installation process with high levels of safety and quality at competitive pricing.

Enjoy the convenience of charging your EV at home

HomeStation™ by Electrify America is the smart and flexible charging solution for EV owners. With Wi-Fi-ready and connected features, you can control and monitor charging sessions from anywhere with the Electrify America app. Its 24-foot cable and adjustable output make it easy to install and use in almost any home, while charging capable vehicles up to 6.8x faster than Level 1 chargers. With special incentives available, HomeStation offers the ultimate home-charging solution.

Going electric with Volkswagen

Discover the future of electric vehicles with Volkswagen and stay in the know with answers to top questions related to electromobility. Experience the latest in EV technology and charging options.

Locate an Electrify America charger

Find ultra-fast charging stations for your EV and get your battery charged quickly. With the charger locator you can easily learn pricing information, charger connection types, power outputs, and also see new locations that are coming soon.

Mobile apps for your electric vehicles
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Download the myVW mobile app

The myVW app enables owners to start the car remotely, access notifications and vehicle insights, as well as schedule service appointments with a preferred VW dealership. EV drivers can also view their vehicle's battery status and remotely manage charging and climate controls.

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Download the Electrify America mobile app

The Electrify America app lets you easily find and use charging stations for your EV. You can start and stop your charging session, track your charging status, and pay contact-free from your phone. The app also offers real-time charger locations, availability, and the option to save your preferred stations.

Find answers and resources about your electric vehicles

The VW Help Center

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about the operation, maintenance, charging, and EV range. Explore a wealth of information to better understand our products and services related to a Volkswagen EV.