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Discover a wide range of accessories designed to enhance and personalize the Volkswagen Arteon.

Shop Arteon base carrier bars
Arteon base carrier bars to kickstart every adventure

Bring along your skis, snowboards, kayak, and bikes with the help of these base carrier bars. Features T-Slot channel for easy installation and keyed end caps for secure installation. Includes two crossbars. Attachments for skis, snowboards, kayaks, and bikes each sold separately.

Comfort and protection

Make yourself comfortable and help keep your Volkswagen Arteon protected from the rigors of daily use with these Arteon comfort and protection products.

Red Arteon
Sport and design

Add your own personal touches or achieve a sportier stance with these Volkswagen Arteon sport and design accessories.

  • Rear lip spoiler

    Rear lip spoiler

    Add an elegant touch to the vehicle's lines with a 1 piece rear lip spoiler. The rear spoiler is made of impact-resistant material and has a sleek black finish.

  • VW logo puddle light

    VW logo puddle light

    These LED lights replace the existing lights in the door and project a high-quality, black-and-white VW logo onto the ground when the front doors are opened. This not only ensures that there is enough light to see where you are putting your feet, but it also adds personalization to your Arteon

Even more Arteon accessories
Transport solutions

Transport solutions

Leave nothing you need for outdoor adventuring behind with these Volkswagen Arteon transport accessories.

Vehicle care

Car care

Keep your Arteon in the same pristine shape as it was the day you drove it off the lot with genuine car care products.



Never drive unplugged (unless you choose) with these genuine communication accessories, designed to work with your Arteon.

Wheels for the Arteon

Make a dramatic change in the profile of your Volkswagen Arteon with a change of wheels. Our wheels and wheel packages offer compatibility straight out of the box.

Wheels for the Arteon
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