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Owners and services

Our commitment to and passion for supporting Volkswagen owners is an unwavering part of our mission.

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Schedule professional service for your vehicle

While you're always welcome to make an appointment at the dealership, VW Online Service Scheduling is available 24/7 from your phone, laptop, or tablet and offers the most convenient route to service your vehicle. Browse maintenance options or shop for service à la carte—all at a time that works with your schedule.

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Ownership benefits

We understand that your Volkswagen requires regular upkeep, which is why we offer several opportunities to make the process convenient, including VW Carefree Maintenance and connected vehicle services (available on all Model Year 2020 or newer vehicles), prepaid scheduled service plans, roadside assistance, warranty coverage, and more. Learn more about all the ways we provide our drivers with the ultimate ownership experience.

Connectivity and apps

By providing information and insights on the myVW mobile app (available on all Model Year 2020 or newer vehicles), connected vehicle services, system software updates, and more, we strive to provide a seamlessly integrated way to connect your car to your digital lifestyle.

Learn about your vehicle

Discover driver resources designed to help you better understand your VW and operate at its full potential. Browse owner's manuals, maintenance and warranty information, and more.

IQ.DRIVE is designed for safer driving

Dive into the details and understand the many benefits of VW IQ.DRIVE technologies (available on select model years), including Travel Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Traffic Alert, Front Assist, Emergency Assist, and Lane Assist.

Driving a new ownership experience with the myVW mobile app

The road to a more streamlined and cohesive Volkswagen ownership experience has reached its next big milestone with the launch of the ownership mobile app—designed to put essential tools and information at your fingertips. Owners with model year 2020 and newer vehicles can use the app to access the vehicle’s available connected features, manage dealer preference, review the vehicle’s service history⁠ at authorized VW dealerships, and more.

Vehicle software updates

Similar to your computer or smartphone, any fresh software upgrade will be announced through an in-vehicle notification on your infotainment screen (available on most model years 2020 and newer). As a result, you benefit from optimizations, improvements to functions and applications, as well as new applications.

Keep your Volkswagen running with style
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Update the look and capabilities of your Volkswagen with a wide range of custom options and accessories designed to offer everything from added style to comfort and protection.

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Service and Parts

By treating your VW to professional service and factory-original parts, you can help make sure it stays mobile for years to come. Learn more about the full range and value of Genuine VW Service and Parts today.

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The VW Tire Store

Let us help match the right tires to your model for optimal performance and long-lasting satisfaction.

VW roadside assistance
24-hour roadside assistance

The 24-hour VW roadside assistance program provides peace of mind and support during your adventures. With a skilled customer service team and a nationwide towing network, you can rely on quick and reliable assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Find answers about your Volkswagen

The VW Help Center

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our vehicles, the myVW app, and general information about Volkswagen. Explore a wealth of information to better understand our products and services.