CGI VW vehicle parked on the street.


IQ.DRIVE is safety-enhancing intelligence that is convenient and can help improve your everyday driving experience.

CGI VW vehicle parked on the street.
Smart driver assistance technologies to get from A to B

Available on select vehicles, IQ.DRIVE technology provides intelligent support to enhance the safety and convenience of your every day drive. With hands-on semi-automated capability, IQ.DRIVE assists with the most burdensome parts of driving, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

These features offer innovative technologies that make it easier to get from A to B while enhancing the safety of you and those around you. As a collection of driving features, IQ.DRIVE simplifies the tasks of driving, providing you with a smarter driving experience.

Smart technologies for a simpler drive

Travel Assist

Driving with some help behind the wheel, from steering support to speeding up or slowing down, Travel Assist helps keep you safer on the road.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

When the road gets busy, Adaptive Cruise Control keeps things cruising. When dealing with traffic on the highway, it uses sensors to detect vehicles ahead of you, helping adjust your speed, and manages the distance between you and what’s in front of you, adapting to the situation you’re in.

Tech with a sense for your surroundings

Active Blind Spot Monitor

When you’re focused on the journey ahead, Active Blind Spot Monitor can help by alerting you when another vehicle may be hiding in your blind spots and helping counter-steer when necessary.


Rear Traffic Alert

You can’t always see what might be crossing behind you when reversing out of a parking spot or backing out of a driveway. Rear Traffic Alert monitors what’s behind the vehicle, alerting you when cars and motorcycles that could cause a collision are detected and helping hit the brakes before it’s too late.


Front Assist

Even when we’re driving at our best, we still need to keep an eye out to avoid collisions with other cars, pedestrians, or cyclists in front of us. Thankfully, Front Assist monitors the road ahead to identify risks of potential collision. It will first provide an alert and then automatically apply the brakes, if necessary.


Emergency Assist

When Travel or Lane Assist is active and something serious happens where you lose the ability to drive, Emergency Assist helps safely bring the vehicle to a stop and will contact assistance for you.


Lane Assist

Lane Assist is a camera-based system that helps keep the vehicle from going over the traffic lines. It activates when driving above 35 mph on roads with visible markings and can warn the driver and counter-steer if necessary to help ensure you stay in your lane.

Blue VW with IQ.Drive features standard.
Standard with most 2024 vehicles

All automatic vehicles for model year 2024 now come standard with IQ.DRIVE, representing the company's dedication to continuously improving its products and enhancing the driving experience.

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