CGI VW vehicle driving down the road.

Travel Assist

Travel Assist

Part of the IQ.DRIVE safety-enhancing and intelligent technologies

The Travel Assist feature is a semi-automated driving assistant that blends the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist to help your Volkswagen maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and keeps you centered in the lane.

Reduce driver workload and fatigue

Supports driver steering, braking, and accelerating

The Travel Assist feature in your Volkswagen combines Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Assist to help maintain the vehicle's position within the lane. When activated, it provides the driver with steering assistance, braking, and acceleration support.

This feature allows the vehicle to maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle in front and stay centered in the lane within the system's limitations. It utilizes adaptive lane guidance to regulate the vehicle's speed and steering, providing a comfortable driving experience.

CGI VW vehicle driving on highway.
CGI VW vehicle driving on highway.
Assists in emergency situations

Helps prevent collisions caused by driver inactivity or medical emergencies

When Travel or Lane Assist is active and something serious happens where you lose the ability to drive, Emergency Assist helps safely bring the vehicle to a stop and will contact assistance for you.

The ins and outs of travel assist
  • How it works

    Designed to prevent fatigue on long highway trips, Travel Assist combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to help keep your vehicle centered in its lane, and maintain a preset distance from the vehicle ahead. Uses steering, braking and acceleration.

  • Instructions

    • To activate, engage Adaptive Cruise Control and then switch to Travel Assist by pressing the ACC button on steering wheel. If Travel Assist is activated, a green indicator light will show in your digital cockpit.
    • To set the speed, accelerate to the desired speed and press the SET button on the steering wheel.
    • To deactivate, press the brake pedal.To resume, press the RES button on the steering wheel.
    • To switch back to Adaptive Cruise Control, press the ACC button again on the steering wheel.
  • Limitations

    • Both hands must be on the steering wheel.
    • Braking force is limited. If additional emergency braking is needed, Front Assist may intervene.
    • The following situations can disable the system:
    1. Damage to, misalignment of or blockage of the sensor. 
    2. Towing heavy trailers or carrying heavy cargo in the rear of the vehicle, which can elevate the front of the vehicle and change sensor angles.
    • To keep you centered in the lane, the vehicle must be able to detect clear road markings; if the markings are clear, the green indicator light in your digital cockpit will include green lanes.
    • Designed to detect vehicles that are moving in the same direction of travel; does not react to oncoming or intersecting vehicles.
    • System may not keep the vehicle in the lane in the following conditions:
    1. Poor weather conditions.
    2. Unclear lane markings.
    3. Driving below 35 miles per hour.
    4. Driving on a narrow curve.
    • You must be driving above a minimum speed to activate the system. For some models the minimum speed is 15 mph; for others, it is 20 mph.
    • Only reacts to objects within the sensor’s line of sight; some vehicles such as those depicted below are not detected until they are within the sensor’s line of sight.
    • Once activated, system only operates between 0 and 95 mph.
    • The following situations can lead to unwanted braking:
    1. Damage to or misalignment of the sensor or sensor mounting. 
    2. Sensor blockage, which can be caused by ice/snow buildup, dirt, mud or leaves. 
    3. Towing heavy trailers or carrying heavy cargo in the rear of the vehicle, which can elevate the front of the vehicle and change sensor angles. 
    4. Curvature in the road.
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