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Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist

Part of the IQ.DRIVE safety-enhancing and intelligent technologies

The VW Emergency Assist system enhances driver safety by monitoring steering wheel activity and delivering alerts if the driver is not actively operating the vehicle. If the driver does not respond, the system can keep the vehicle in its lane and bring it to a controlled stop.

Emergency Assist does not require Travel Assist to be active, but Lane Assist must be enabled. The system can also automatically call the Volkswagen Response Center to dispatch emergency services if the driver remains unresponsive. These features help prevent accidents caused by distraction, drowsiness, or if the driver isn’t able to call for help in an emergency.

Driver attention monitoring

Active monitoring for steering wheel activity

The Emergency Assist system monitors steering wheel activity and delivers alerts if the driver is not actively operating the vehicle. This feature ensures that the driver is paying attention and can prevent accidents caused by distraction or drowsiness.

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A safe, controlled stop

Taking action when the driver may not be able to

This system can keep the vehicle in its lane, bring it to a controlled stop, apply the parking brake, and activate the emergency flashing lights if the driver does not respond to alerts.

The ins and outs of emergency assist
  • How it works

    Monitors steering wheel activity and can deliver a series of alerts if it detects that your hands are not on the wheel and you are not actively operating the vehicle. If you don’t respond to these alerts, the system can keep the vehicle in its lane and bring it to a controlled stop.⁠

    Note: Travel Assist does not need to be active for Emergency Assist to function. However, Lane Assist must be enabled.

  • Instructions

    • Make sure Lane Assist is switched to active in the infotainment screen if you want Emergency Assist to function.
    • If there is no contact with steering wheel for several seconds, the system will prompt you to take over steering.
    • If there is still no response, there will be an audible alert and brief braking.
    • If there is still no response, the system will slow the vehicle to a stop.
    • Control can be regained at any time by moving the steering wheel, pressing the brake pedal or pressing the acceleration pedal.
    • System will engage automatically, as long as Emergency Assist is switched to ACTIVE.
    • You can switch the system on / off in your digital cockpit or your infotainment screen (available on select models).
  • Limitations

    The following situations may disable the system:
    • Damage to, misalignment of or blockage of the sensor.
    • Towing heavy trailers or carrying heavy cargo in the rear of the vehicle, which can elevate the front of the vehicle and change sensor angles.
    System may not keep the vehicle in the lane in the following conditions:
    • Poor weather conditions
    • Unclear lane markings
    • Lane Assist is not activated
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