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Stars and Cars: Your Perfect Volkswagen Match, according to your Zodiac Sign

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Whether you’re an automobile novice or car enthusiast, your car speaks to your personality. Knowing which car best matches your priorities, energy, and personality can be hard, so we developed this fun chart to help VW drivers understand how their personality aligns with that of their car. Would you believe that your perfect Volkswagen companion was written in the stars?  Find your automobile twin flame: 


Loyal, lively, sociable and original, you confidently embrace the unconventional. The BeetleOpens an external link, the quintessential Age of Aquarius car, is dynamic, unique and one-of-a-kind – just like you.

Aquarius Beetle image

Intuitive, imaginative, creative and compassionate, you are an explorer by nature. That’s why you need a sidekick that gives you the freedom to travel wherever your heart desires. With the all‑electric ID. BuzzOpens an external link, quenching your future wanderlust will be easier than ever.  Known for your selflessness and empathy, you can feel good knowing that the storied microbus is set to be reincarnated as an electric model – the upcoming ID. Buzz.

Pisces ID. Buzz image

Adventurous, enthusiastic and a pioneer, you were the first of your friends to embrace EVs. The all‑electric ID.4 SUVOpens an external link  is agile, fun to drive and can keep up with your energetic personality. This is a car that is as confident as you are.  Your sympathetic and feel-good nature will love knowing that this car produces zero direct emissions.

Aries ID.4 image

Reliable, practical and dependable, you want a car that’s just as solid and steady as you are and the TiguanOpens an external link checks all the boxes. This SUV offers spaciousness combined with Volkswagen’s hallmark driving dynamics and careful attention to detail (which, as a fellow meticulous planner, you can appreciate). Plus, its ergonomically designed seats as well as an available panoramic sunroof and heated steering wheel all appeal to your self-indulgent side.

Taurus Tiguan image

Loving, cautious and protective, you crave a steady and spacious shell to get you to point B. Look no further than the Jetta.Opens an external link This sedan offers the family-oriented features you require – easy handling and blind spot monitoring – plus fun interior styling and concert-quality stereo.

Cancer Jetta image

Enthusiastic, warmhearted and creative, you are a charismatic, natural-born leader who loves basking in the limelight. Behind the wheel of the sporty, statement-making Jetta GLIOpens an external link you are bound to make a splash. You have a palpable high-energy and an ambition that can’t be tamed and this bold, eye-catching sedan is the perfect ride to get you to new heights.

Leo Jetta GLI image

Reliable, meticulous and modest, you desire a car that is practical, dependable and yet ever-so-slightly off the beaten track. The PassatOpens an external link fits the bill. Known for your unwavering attention to detail, you will appreciate the midsize sedan’s intricate balance of high quality, lasting value and modern comforts. A car that’s as intelligent as you are, the Passat is your perfect companion car.

Virgo Passat image

Clever, charming, talented and a visionary, Libras are going places and plan to get there in style. The ArteonOpens an external link, outfitted with frameless side windows and a wraparound grille, is the perfect blend of form and function – and a natural fit for the sign that places value on balance, order and equality.

Libra Arteon image

Determined, powerful, passionate and magnetic, you need a sleek and sporty SUV to keep up with your bold and ambitious plans. Just like Scorpio, the Atlas Cross SportOpens an external link emulates confidence and encourages spontaneity with its spacious cargo area for adventurous families.

Scorpio Atlas Cross Sport image

Free spirited, jovial and restless, you seek out adventure and love a good road trip with friends. Enter the AtlasOpens an external link . A perfect complement to your work hard, play hard mentality, seating up to seven, it offers ample seating for friends and family to join on adventures.

Sagittarius Atlas image

Practical, prudent and ambitious, you’re not going to blow your savings on some flashy status symbol. You’re business-minded and want something that’s sturdy but still has flair. The beloved Golf ROpens an external link is the perfect workhorse, offering great handling, performance and comfort.

Capricorn Golf R image

Adaptable, lively and witty, you are the quintessential, and much beloved, Golf GTI:Opens an external link quick, fun and never dull. The hot hatchback also shares Gemini’s dual personality – it’s a practical, everyday commuter with a sports car soul. Its youthful feel will have you feeling like you’re always in your prime while its eloquence adds a level of sophistication.

Gemini Golf GTI