Photo illustration: an Electrify America charging station.
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Transforming the On-the-road EV Charging Experience

August 23, 2022 
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Whether you currently own a Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle, or you’re considering a Volkswagen EV in your near future, there’s great news on the charging front: The experience of charging an EV on the road keeps getting better and better, thanks in part to a new collection of stations within the rapidly expanding Electrify AmericaOpens an external link network.

Electrify America is introducing what it calls “The Charging Station of the Future, Today.” The new flagship stations will begin to roll out in late 2022 at select locations in California and New York City. Currently, the company operates flagship locations in Santa Clara and Baker, California.

It’s the latest innovation from Electrify America, which offers a convenient and reliable network of DC fast charging stations nationwideOpens an external link. Owners of the 2023 VW ID.4 EV receive three years of unlimited 30-minute charging sessions at public DC fast charging through the Electrify America network, at no additional cost.⁠

Photo illustration: an electric truck charging at an Electrify America charging station.
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An Electrify America charging unit.
Enhanced comfort, new innovations

The new stations will be built near shopping amenities for greater convenience, and offer a more comfortable and welcoming environment. Each location will incorporate a larger number of chargers to meet future demand.

Other upgrades include canopies for cover against inclement weather, security cameras, additional lighting, and next-generation charging units featuring easier-to-use charging cables and recessed touchscreens for reduced glare. The new-look stations will also have solar cells mounted on their canopies and awnings to capture supplemental energy, with the goal of achieving greater sustainability.

Finally, select locations will host customer lounges and event spaces, bringing some extra relaxation and enjoyment to drivers before they hit the road.

An expanded network is coming

These new stations are part of a broader expansion plan for Electrify America, driven by a $450 million investment from Siemens, a global technology and electrification leader, and Volkswagen Group.

“Adding new stations is critical to meeting future demand,” says Misti Murphey, Director of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing for Electrify America. “America needs thousands of ultra-fast, reliable charging stations that use universal, non-proprietary connectors to fully realize the potential for widespread public charging. Our expansion to 1,800 ultra-fast charging stations in the U.S. and Canada by 2026 will help move the industry forward.”

Learn moreOpens an external link about how owners of the Volkswagen ID.4 can take advantage of charging benefits through Electrify America.