Electric vehicle software 3.2 update

Important software updates are available.

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EV software 3.2 update highlights

The EV software 3.2 update brings important enhancements and bug fixes. It improves the over-the-air installation process, enhances driver assistance functions with increased accuracy in object detection, and improves pre-condition checks for successful software installations. It also enhances cabin climate control and defogging responsiveness. To prepare for the update, accept the updated Terms of Service in the myVW App.


  • Available for the model year 2021 ID.4 and select model year 2022 ID.4 models
EV software versions

EV software 3.2.11 update

Includes improvement to the electronic control module parameters. This improves the over-the-air installation process for future updates.

EV software 3.2.12 update

Includes improvements for driver assistance functions, enhancements to pre-condition checks for over-the-air updates, and climate control responsiveness.

Check your eligibility or schedule service

Ensure your eligibility for software updates by checking whether you need to visit the dealership prior to over-the-air update availability. Use the convenient VIN look-up tool to determine the status of your vehicle. If needed, schedule a service appointment online with your dealer for a smooth and efficient software update process.

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