An image of an ID.4 in Glacier White Metallic driving down a lush, green tree lined road.

When you Drive Bigger, you live bigger.

We’re on the road to a better future.

We’re on the road to a better future.

Yes. It’s a very big deal.

Ever since the first Type 1 rolled off the production line, we’ve believed that difficult challenges are the ones worth doing. But being a great leader requires more than delivering great vehicles. It requires recognizing when you’ve made a wrong turn, committing to doing more and always driving with a larger purpose. Drive Bigger might sound like a slogan, but we think of it as a promise. A commitment all of us can make to lead the way, help protect our planet and live every day to the fullest. Are you along for the ride?

Today, we’re committed to tomorrow.

An ID. Buzz in Candy White and Lime Yellow sits in a driveway with two children inside the vehicle.
European model shown. Not available for sale in the U.S. Specifications may change.

Lead in EV Accessibility

We believe EVs should be attainable for everyone, and we’re developing a variety of zero direct emission EV options that allow every driver to do their part.

Drive towards Net-Carbon Neutrality

Because getting there requires you to be anything but neutral, so we’re increasing our use of renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion come standard

We believe in a world where everyone should be able to participate, so we sponsor and support like-minded organizations that make a real difference.


Leading the Way

A woman and man are smiling in front of an ID. Buzz in Candy White and Lime Yellow.

It starts with a roadmap for a more sustainable future.

Every mile counts on the road to carbon neutrality. That’s why we’re working to reduce emissions throughout our operations. We’re increasing our use of renewable energy and looking for opportunities to offset CO2 emissions. It really gives shifting to neutral a new meaning, doesn’t it?

Supporting Inclusivity & Diversity


The goal is simple: level the playing field.

The goal is simple: level the playing field.

Two young girls in soccer uniforms hugging and smiling together.

Having a positive impact on society and the world at large is just as important as sustaining our planet. We’re proud to be the Presenting Partner for U.S. Soccer. Through this sponsorship, we aim to get more women coaching the game at all levels. We’re equally proud to support America SCORES—an after-school soccer, poetry and community service program that has helped over 10,000 students.


Lindsey drives with us.

See the community that Jetta GLI owner, Lindsey, built around what she loves most: U.S. Soccer.


Know your role model: Mia Hamm.

Watch U.S. Soccer legend Mia Hamm inspire the next generation of soccer players.

You can Drive Bigger too.


All it takes is going that extra mile.

You need an example to lead by one, which is why we aren’t just committed to our own goals. We also celebrate our drivers who live bigger themselves; drivers like Troy, who teaches third grade, coaches a youth robotics club and has restored more than 50 Volkswagen vehicles. So if you need inspiration, watch his video.

Thanks for driving a more sustainable route. That’s big of you.

ID.4 EVs sold in the first year have avoided an estimated 40,000 metric tons of direct carbon emissions, compared to if they had been driven at the same rate as the average gasoline vehicle. That is equivalent to carbon sequestered from approximately 47,000 acres of U.S. forests in one year.

An ID.4 shown in Moonstone Gray is surrounded by infographics.

*Based on total number of ID.4 vehicles sold from March 2021-February 2022, 2018 EPA data for miles traveled per year (11,500 miles) and direct CO2 emissions per mile for average gasoline passenger vehicles, EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator available at; Manhattan size of 22.6 square miles stated on; average of regulation soccer field sizes as outlined by the International Football Association Board; Eiffel Tower total weight specifications as stated on Eiffel Tower Official Website

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