A view of crescent Earth from space.
A view of crescent Earth from space.
A view of crescent Earth from space.

When we drive something bigger than ourselves, we change the destination. 

  1. Drive Bigger

Thank you for Driving Bigger.

At Volkswagen, we’re helping to look out for the next generation by offering our support to those who are already Driving Bigger. Like teachers. Through our Drive Bigger Event, in collaboration with DonorsChoose.org, people across America can join forces to support classrooms in need.

Meet Troy.

He teaches third graders, coaches a robotics club, and has restored more than 50 Volkswagen vehicles. How did Troy become a car obsessed teacher? Watch to find out.

Help Level the Playing Field.

We’re proud to be the Presenting Partner of U.S. Soccer. Through this sponsorship, we want to help get more women coaches into the game at all levels.

An organization driving something bigger. 

To support America SCORES – an after-school soccer, poetry, and community service program that has helped 10,000+ students – we created this video and donated ad time to air it during the Women’s World Cup.

Lindsey drives with us.

See the community that Jetta GLI owner, Lindsey, built around what she loves most – U.S. Soccer.

Know your role model: Mia Hamm.

Watch U.S. Soccer legend Mia Hamm inspire the next generation of soccer players.

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