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Electric vehicle software updates

Electric vehicle (EV) software updates may include bug fixes, security patches, performance enhancements, and system upgrades that are sent directly to vehicles through an internet connection, helping keep your electric VW up-to-date.

The latest updates may include new features and enhanced existing functionality

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EV software 3.2 updates

The electric vehicle software 3.2 update brings important enhancements and bug fixes. It improves the over-the-air installation process, enhances driver assistance functions with increased accuracy in object detection, and improves pre-condition checks for successful software installations. It also enhances cabin climate control and defogging responsiveness. To prepare for the update, accept the updated Terms of Service in the myVW App

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Your step-by-step EV process
EV Software Download

For electric vehicles, the download will occur automatically while you are driving as long as you have enrolled in myVW and accepted the Terms of Service.

You may safely drive the vehicle during the download process. Turning off the vehicle will automatically pause the download, but the download will continue automatically the next time you start your vehicle. Therefore, it may take several trips for the download to finish.

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EV Software Installation

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, once the installation starts, the ID.4 cannot be driven or charged. We suggest initiating the installation at the end of the day, when all your planned driving needs are completed for the day. 

Once the software download is complete, installation can begin, and your infotainment screen will prompt you to tap “install.” To begin installation, tap "Install”, exit your vehicle with everything you may need while waiting, and lock your car with your key. 

Installation takes upwards of an hour and as mentioned you will not be able to drive or charge your vehicle until installation is complete. So, if it’s not a good time, you can postpone the installation until the next time you shut off your vehicle

To postpone installation in an electric vehicle, refrain from tapping “Install” on the infotainment screen. You will be notified in your infotainment screen once the installation is complete.

Sample ID. Software Installation screen on infotainment center.
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