The brake lights of aVW ID.4 shown in Glacier White metallicare illuminated in the dark. Strokes of purple, pink and blue light add texture to the otherwise dark background.
Intro to Electric Vehicles

Common Misconceptions
about Electric Vehicles

Pre-production vehicle shown. Specifications may change.

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If you’re reading about electric vehicles (EVs), chances are you’ve got a question or two. Maybe you’re even considering buying one. So, it’s time to talk about the ways in which EVs get a bad rap. Likely, the things you’ve heard are about the EVs of the past–with short range, golf-cart-like exteriors, and low power.

Below, we’re busting some myths about EVs to clear a path for the future of Electric Vehicles.

“But EVs have no power!”
This one is one of the biggest myths of all, and most definitely false. Since the electric motor in our EVs is able to deliver power right to the wheels, acceleration is instant. No revving of the motor is needed to get up to speed. EV drivers know this is one of the best-kept secrets of ownership. Plus, our AWD model is even more powerful with a second electric motor.

“But EVs are ugly.”
We beg to differ. The streamlined look of an EV is intentional and purposeful. The aerodynamic design reduces the drag coefficient. Or, in non-gearhead terms, the sleek lines mean you’re boosting your range and maxing out your speed potential. Plus, the VW EV has the striking design of an SUV.

“But EVs are so utilitarian.”
We won’t dispute that these vehicles get the job done. That’s why they’re so beloved by people who place a premium on zero emissions without sacrificing performance. But the moment you sit in the cockpit and see the high-tech features like an expansive glass roof, premium leatherette seats, and wireless phone charging and app-connect—all within a spacious interior—you’ll wonder why you didn’t go EV sooner. Plus, it’s on and ready when you are—no push button start needed.

“But EVs are impossible to charge on the road.”
America’s EV infrastructure is growing by the day. It’s easy to pop in a route and see what’s available on your daily commute, but it’s just as easy (and exciting) to see what’s available on road trips. Plus, fast charging means you can get 5% to 80% charge in about 38 mins at a public DC fast charger.

“But no mechanic will be able to fix it.”
Because there are so few parts under the hood of an EV, there’s less to maintain and no oil changes ever. Plus, our expansive VW dealership network can work on it.

“But EVs are so expensive.”
When people think this, they’re typically imagining either the EVs of the past or high-priced ones. Compared to either of those scenarios, we think you’ll be pleased by the price of our new lineup, starting at a MSRP of $39,995 for the Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle model. Pair that with low maintenance needs and that the ID.4 can provide as much as $4,000 in estimated fuel cost savings over 5 years compared to the average gas vehicle and they’re not so expensive after all.

The future of electric is here.

The Volkswagen ID.4 EV is truly something to behold. With a striking, aerodynamic road presence and a spacious, comfortable interior, it'll transform how you think about electric cars.