A front view of the Jetta GLI shown in Kings Red Metallic driving on a road with a mountain in the background.

Our high-performing compact lineup

The 2024 Golf R. Legendary performance elevated.

The Golf R refines power, design and intelligence. It’s rather quick and quite sophisticated. All in all, it’s the complete package.

They say it’s rude to stare. We think it’s rude not to.

Let’s take a moment to admire the design of the Golf R. Ok, maybe more than a moment. The unique front bumper, paired with side skirts and a rear diffuser, really screams sporty sophistication. Don’t you think? It also maximizes aerodynamics. And we can’t ignore the interior, which carries on the athletic look, and is full of high-quality materials. Quite fitting for this high-performance hatch.

The 2024 Golf GTI. Bursting at the hatch with power

Busy busy. That’s you. Powerful and reliable. That’s us. We’ll get along perfectly. Why, the Golf GTI can keep up with just about anything. And it’s loaded with all the tech you want. Plus, that turbocharged engine really gives it some kick. All in all, we’d say there’s nothing holding you back inside this hatch.

Even better looking in its forties

You can see for yourself, the Golf GTI has a timeless design. Sophisticated yet thrilling. Sporty but comfortable. The only thing that’s over the hill will be the drive you take inside your new hatchback.

The 2024 Jetta. Ride the jet stream

That’s what Jetta stands for, after all. It’s as quick as it is stylish. And, it has no problem keeping up with whatever you’re up to.

After all these years, we still love the Jetta design

The outside is big on character. And the interior cabin just feels big. The 2024 Jetta really is pure fun to drive. Which makes sense. It was designed that way.

The 2024 Jetta GLI. Believe the hype

Some cars try to be powerful. And some try to be stylish. But the Jetta GLI doesn’t have to try. It just is.

It’s a real charmer