Blue ID.4 on the Chattanooga assembly line.

Chattanooga manufacturing facts

Committed to investing in our people and creating careers.

Good paying jobs

We are committed to offering some of the best jobs in Chattanooga, Hamilton County and Tennessee.


The average a Chattanooga employee will make in 2024, outpacing the median household income in Chattanooga before accounting for an attractive benefits package.


An annual compensation bonus for everyone who meets the attendance bonus requirements. Counting this and opportunities for overtime and shift differential will boost pay well beyond $70,000 for many employees.


The percent that employee base wages have increased over the last 10 years, well outpacing inflation over that period (31.7%).

Pie Chart. Large section is labeled 84 percent. Small section is labeled, Less than 2000 dollars per year in premiums and other out of pocket costs.
Attractive benefits

We offer robust benefits to our Chattanooga employees including strong health care coverage, meaningful 401(k) contributions, and leading benefits for supporting families.

We cover 84% of our employees' health care costs so that production employees on average pay less than $2,000 per year in premiums.

Invested locally

We are deeply committed to the economic vitality of Chattanooga and the state, fostering community and promoting innovation.

Since 2009, we have invested more than $4.3 billion in our Chattanooga assembly plant, which has led to more than 125,000 direct and indirect jobs since 2019.

More than 4 point 3 billion dollars equals more than 125 thousand jobs.

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