Roadside assistance

It’s best to have some backup. Have peace of mind with 24/7 assurance that you won’t be sidelined during your adventures.

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24-hour VW roadside assistance program

24-hour roadside assistance unites a highly skilled team of customer service experts and an extensive nationwide towing network, providing unparalleled support whenever and wherever you need it the most.

Roadside assistance guide

Roadside assistance guide

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Interested in learning about the Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program? Download and read the PDF booklet provided. This comprehensive guide will offer valuable insights into the benefits and features of the program tailored specifically for your vehicle type.


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Roadside assistance services
  •  Towing
  •  Collision towing
  •  Flat tire service
  •  Lock-out service
  •  Fuel delivery service
  •  Out-of-charge service (EV)
  •  Battery jump start
  •  Trip interruption benefits
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Prepare today for what may come tomorrow

  • Arranging your own assistance   

    It is crucial that you call Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance at 1 (800) 411-6688 for all assistance. However, in the event service cannot be dispatched to your location or you are located on a state restricted roadway, you will be authorized to call the service provider of your choice; you may be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses for the above covered services, up to a maximum of $150 for each disablement. Pre-authorization by Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance is required to be eligible for reimbursement.

    To arrange your own assistance:

    • Contact the Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Center at 1 (800) 411-6688 and obtain a Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Reference Number.
    • Arrange your own local roadside or towing assistance. (Note: Always refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for proper towing instructions and requirements.)
    • Pay (the local service operator, or in some cases, the local service facility) for services rendered and obtain an itemized receipt featuring the VIN, amount paid, the date, and the name of the service provider.
    • Submit the original receipt(s) for the services provided, and your reference number, within 30 days of disablement. Also include:
    • Date of roadside assistance service
    • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), name
      and address, and mileage
    • Description of circumstances which led you to make your own arrangements
    • Repair order from dealership for tow services.

    Please see the mailing information listed on vw.comOpens an external link. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of your reimbursement.

  • What your coverage does not include   

    The following items are not covered under your current plan. For more information or clarification, please contact our support team at 1 (800) 411-6688, and they will be happy to assist you.

    • Standalone winching/extrication services of any kind where a tow is not required.
    • The parts and/or labor costs to produce replacement keys.
    • Towing and road services applicable to lost or broken keys.
    • Towing and road services due to non-accident related breakdowns applicable to insurance claims (e.g. vandalism, fire, flooding, etc.).
    • Towing a vehicle from an authorized dealer/facility capable of providing the necessary repairs to another authorized dealer/facility for any reason.
    • The cost of any parts, labor (other than the “Roadside Assistance Services” outlined earlier), supplies, or materials unless otherwise provided under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
    • Service to unattended vehicles. (A licensed driver must be present when service is being provided.)
    • Fines or impound towing charges due to a violation of local laws.
    • Towing by other than a licensed service operator including private citizen’s assistance.
    • Services outside the 50 United States and Puerto Rico.
    • Shoveling snow to free or access a snow-bound vehicle.
    • Installation of snow tires, tire chains, etc.
    • Transporting you to your disabled vehicle or to your home after the service has been rendered, or transporting your vehicle back to you following repairs.
    • Service to any vehicle willfully driven into non-regularly travelled areas such as open fields, construction sites, beaches, mud-filled driveways/laneways/ concession roads, vacant lots, or any other area that is inaccessible or hazardous for the service operator’s vehicle to reach.
    • The cost of transporting a vehicle from Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska to the U.S. mainland.
    • Replacement of wheel lock key due to loss or damage.

    Disablement coverage is limited to:

    • Towing your Volkswagen vehicle (one tow per disablement) to the nearest VW e-mobility dealership or to a VW-Certified Collision Repair Facility, for a mechanical breakdown or collision.
    • Flat tire service
    • Lock-out service attempt
    • Out-of-charge service
  • Trip interruption benefits and information

    If your registered Volkswagen model (owned or leased) is disabled due to a mechanical condition over 100 miles from your residence address, and the repair is covered under your VW New Vehicle Limited Warranty or Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, you may be reimbursed for trip interruption expenses if your vehicle cannot be made safely operable the same day. Your coverage includes reimbursement for:

    • Lodging up to $100 per day
    • Meals up to $100 per day
    • Alternate transportation up to $100 per day

    Trip interruption coverage is limited to reasonable expenses up to a maximum of $500 per disablement/ incident, including all taxes and surcharges (excluding tips, alcohol and fuel costs). This service is designed to assist you with some of the unplanned expenses you may incur while waiting for your vehicle to be repaired. Please note, it is required that you contact the Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Center in order to be eligible for trip interruption benefits.

    Trip interruption reimbursement instructions:

    • Contact the Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Center 1 (800) 411-6688 and obtain a Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Reference Number, within 24 hours of disablement.
    • The following items will be required:
    • Date of roadside assistance service
    • Entire VIN and vehicle mileage
    • Repair order from dealership
    • Itemized original receipts, for meals, lodging and alternate transportation
    • Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Reference Number

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of your reimbursement.

Keeping you mobile, no matter what happens

In the event of a breakdown, we’ll get to you quickly. Simply press the wrench icon button in the vehicle to activate the call and automatically send your location and vehicle information to VW Roadside Assistance.

A staff member will then help you to identify the cause of the breakdown or will dispatch a service vehicle to you if the problem cannot be solved immediately.



Request Roadside Assistance

For immediate U.S. and Puerto Rico assistance, call Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance toll-free at 1 (800) 411-6688 or tap the button below to schedule online.

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