People running toward a VW ID.Buzz in grassland.

Championing change

We engage with communities around the country to enhance the lives of those who shape their stories.

That’s why we take our inspiration from real people and real communities, celebrating individuality while asking — what can we do to enhance the lives of the people who help shape our story? After all, it takes drive to make change.

U.S. Soccer Federation partnership

As the presenting partner of U.S. Soccer, Volkswagen's mission is to contribute to the future of the sport by helping people get more from the game.

Redwood Materials partnership

To make the batteries that power electric vehicles more sustainable, we need to work toward closing the loop at the end of their life. That’s why Volkswagen is collaborating with Redwood Materials to work toward creating a circular supply chain for EV batteries. With Redwood’s help, end-of-life batteries from VW’s electric vehicles will be able to be recycled and refined into critical components that can be used by battery manufacturers in new batteries.

A driver’s side profile view of an Arctic Blue Metallic Volkswagen ID.4 parked against a tan wall and palm trees. A blue swatch occupies the upper lefthand corner while a brown swatch occupies the bottom righthand corner. Future™ | VW logos occupy the bottom lefthand corner.
Use Future to estimate how many tons of carbon you can save by driving an ID.4

The EV Calculator powered by Future estimates how many tons of carbon emissions you can save by electrifying your ride and driving an ID.4.

Assembled locally in Chattanooga, TN

VW through the decades