Landing on the moon was just the first step.

In 1969 we landed on the moon. Now mankind is focusing on the earth. Here are just a few of the ways Volkswagen is helping to change the destination.


We believe that the best way forward is doing things together.

So, in March 2019 we announced that we're aiming to sell our EV platform to other companies to help create affordable electric vehicles.

This isn’t just talk.

We’re investing approximately $800 million to expand our Chattanooga, TN assembly plant to build electric vehicles. And approximately 1,000 newly-employed Chattanoogans will run it.


What we leave behind is just as important as what we put on the road.

We’re looking for ways to address the entire life cycle of mobility and sustainability – from energy generation and raw materials, down to recycling.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.
Specifications may change.
Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.
Specifications may change.

Electricity is exciting.

Globally, we plan to sell approximately 22 million electric vehicles through 2028 – spreading that excitement all over the world.


Our goal is nothing less than 100%.

We’re working towards being carbon neutral across our fleet, production, and administration globally by 2050.


This summer, drive something bigger than yourself.

Volkswagen is donating to classrooms across the country. Through our collaboration with, we’re supporting teachers and students across the country, and you can help. Visit your local Volkswagen dealer today to learn more, and drive something bigger than yourself.

How it Works:

When you visit your dealer during the Drive Bigger Event, you can receive a donation card to*, where you can select and help fund a classroom project that inspires you.

*While funds last. Not redeemable for cash. Card expires September 30, 2019.

Teachers across America use to request resources that their students need, and donors support them through donations of all sizes. is the leading platform for giving to public schools and has brought over 1.4 million classroom dreams to life thus far.

Learn how you can join us in supporting classrooms across America at

How to drive something bigger than yourself.
The Sum is as Great as the Parts.

“A Defining Moment”– CEO Scott Keogh Talks About the Future of VW in America.

Rescue me: How one Atlas owner gives good dogs forever homes.

In late 2012, hundreds of animals were lost or displaced after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York metro region. That’s when Nina Roedeler found her calling.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.
Specifications may change.
Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale. Specifications may change.

Volkswagen plans to produce EVs in America starting in 2022.

The future of personal transportation is electric, and for Volkswagen, building the vehicles of the future means expanding in the United States.


Help Level the Playing Field.

We’re proud to be the Presenting Partner of U.S. Soccer. Through this sponsorship, we want to help get more women coaches into the game at all levels.

An organization driving something bigger.

To support America SCORES – an after-school soccer, poetry, and community service program that has helped 10,000+ students – we created this video and donated ad time to air it during the Women’s World Cup.

Know your role model: Mia Hamm.

Watch U.S. Soccer legend Mia Hamm inspire the next generation of soccer players.

Lindsey drives with us.

See the community that Jetta GLI owner, Lindsey, built around what she loves most – U.S. Soccer.


Bigger begins with you.

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