An ID.4 in Dusk Blue Metallic driving through an city environment.

Our Electric Vehicle Line-Up

Get plugged in to the future of fun-to-drive.

2022 ID.4 shown. 2023 features may vary.

Get plugged in to the future of fun-to-drive.

Try not to stare…too long.

The ID.4. Your life just got electrified.  Explore

Take Charge

Charge your Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle at home with a Level 2 home charger (sold separately), offered by Electrify Home.

Public charging is a great option when you’re on-the-go, and with an ever-growing network of more than 45,000 chargers nationwide⁠, it’s a convenient one too.

Not knowing is exciting... so is knowing

The road to the ID. Buzz is going to be worth the buzz. Come join us on our journey to the 2023 US reveal and beyond. Curious?