• Starting MSRP$31,765
  • Horsepower241
  • Torque273 lbs-ft
  • AvailableIQ.DRIVE


More fun than it should be

We designed the Golf GTI to get you where you need to go. We also designed it so you couldn't wait to take it places you want to go. In fact, anywhere is a treat with the turbocharged engine.  

Oh, and if you’re really looking to up your driving game, we recommend the Golf GTI 380. It’s a manual transmission that gives you full control to go all out. You might say we had as much fun designing the Golf GTI 380 as you will driving one. 


If you like things bright and shiny, wait until you see the technology

Simply put, there's a lot. The Golf GTI disrupted the automotive industry over 40 years ago. Looks like it’s doing it again with all those snazzy gadgets.