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Finally, a hybrid that doesn’t drive like one.

Our hybrids are efficient just like any other hybrid.1 But we decided to make our hybrids the ones you’d actually want to drive. So while you’ll feel good about the gas you’re saving, now you can also have fun while you do it.

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Being fuel-efficient has never been so much fun.

Sure, the Jetta Hybrid is fuel-efficient and gets 48 hwy mpg,1 but it’s also turbocharged. Which means you can pass up quite a few gas stations. And a lot of other hybrids too.

Actually, you can have it all.

The Touareg Hybrid is luxurious, stylish, and supercharged1 Which means it’s a hybrid that puts out more power than many V8 SUVs,9 so you might even forget it’s a hybrid. Until, of course, you realize you’re filling up less at the pump. 1

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