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Volkswagen of America

18" Detroit alloy wheels

  • 18" Detroit alloy wheels
18" Detroit alloy wheels

We designed every part of the GTI for performance. Right down to its 18-inch Detroit alloy wheels. They not only give the GTI a great look, they’re also light, strong, and wrapped in high-performance rubber.² They’re 18 inches of pure performance that are ready to go whenever you are. Plus, they give you the added benefit of letting the bright red brake calipers shine through. After all, a high-performance car isn’t much without some high-performance wheels.

  • ¹ Obey all speed and traffic laws. ² Tires are supplied and warranted by their manufacturer. These tires are designed for optimum performance and handling in warm climates. They are not suitable for cold, snowy or icy weather conditions. If you drive under those circumstances, you should equip your vehicle with all-season or winter tires, which offer better traction under those conditions. We suggest you use the recommended winter or all-season tires specified for your car or its equivalent. These high-performance tires also have a lower aspect ratio that aids performance and handling; however, in order to avoid tire, rim or vehicle damage, it is important that the inflation pressure is regularly checked and maintained at recommended levels. Please also remember in making your selection that, while the tires deliver responsive handling, they may ride less comfortably and make more noise than other choices. Finally, these tires may wear more quickly than other choices. For further information on all these topics, please consult the owner's manual, your local dealer or call 1-800-DRIVE-VW.