Volkswagen Car-Net®

A woman controls her Volkswagen using the Car-Net® app. Next to the image, we see the interface of the app on her phone.

VW Car-Net Remote Access: Remote Commands

You can control your car when you’re next to it or miles away. Remote Start the engine (if equipped), lock and unlock the doors, honk the horn, flash the lights, and more - right from the app. Plus, you can sync your Car-Net app with your Alexa to simply say remote commands at home.

A man and woman review their Boundary Alert in their Car-Net app from their parked Volkswagen.

VW Car-Net Remote Access: Family Guardian Alerts

Help keep tabs on your car when others take it for a drive, with custom boundary, speed, curfew, and even valet alerts.

A man is driving his VW, the in-app, VW Car-Net® Remote Access Drive View is displayed on a superimposed mobile phone.

VW Car-Net Remote Access: DriveView

By enrolling in DriveView, customers may be eligible to receive discounts on auto insurance and get a DriveView score and other driving data. It won’t cause your current insurance rates to increase.

A man clicks his VW remote standing near his vehicle. On his phone, we see the in-app Volkswagen Car-Net® Remote Access parking info.

VW Car-Net Remote Access: Parking Info

You can find where you parked, powered by Parkopedia®. The popular off-street parking app’s information is integrated directly into your Car-Net app.

A man and women enjoy a mug of coffee outside their VW. On their mobile phone, we see a Volkswagen Car-Net® Safe & Secure alert.

VW Car-Net Safe & Secure

Drive with confidence, knowing we’re here for you when things don’t go quite like you planned. Anti-Theft Alerts, Automatic Crash Notifications, Emergency Assistance, Roadside Call Assist, Information Assistance, and a Stolen Vehicle Locator service can give you peace of mind, whether you’re near your VW or away from it.

A family of four activates their Car-Net hotspot to use their handheld devices while parked at the coast.

VW Car-Net Hotspot

Get the most out of your Volkswagen vehicle by activating your in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot and help keep your passengers entertained on up to four Wi-Fi-enabled devices, perfect for those long car rides. Just add your vehicle to your existing Verizon or T-Mobile data plan.

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