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The benefits of synthetic oil speak for themselves.

Synthetic vs. Conventional — The motor oil you choose affects your car's power and performance. How does synthetic oil compare to conventional oil? Synthetic Oil:

  • Keeps your engine cleaner longer.
  • Helps your engine "turn over" more easily.
  • Offers superior protection in extreme driving conditions.
  • Coats and lubricates vital engine components helping reduce friction and increase horsepower.
  • Helps improve fuel economy by 2% or more.*
  • Makes it easier for engine parts to move more freely and helps reduce heat and overall wear.
  • Remains stable at high temperatures when conventional oils can begin to break down.

Getting Hotter! Conventional oil starts to thin out and burn off at high temperatures. Compared to conventional oil, synthetic oil delivers superior volatility performance. For your car, that means lower oil burn-off, fewer tailpipe emissions and less need to top off your oil.

Getting Colder! In extreme cold temperatures conventional oil thickens, which can reduce engine flow. And engine flow is critical to engine protection. Synthetic motor oil is engineered to withstand extremely low temperatures by pumping through the engine quickly. That gives your engine damage prevention protection, reduces wear and keeps vital components well-lubricated.

A synthetic oil change is the best thing you can do for your car. And the best place to do it is at your local Volkswagen dealer. Our factory-trained techs know your Volkswagen better than anyone.