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Wipe away rain, sleet and snow more efficiently.

Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades.

Driving in the rain is dangerous enough. For improved safety and windshield visibility, insist on Genuine VW Wipers.

The model-specific aerodynamics and elasticity, and the innovative protective coating helps ensure optimum visibility in all weather conditions.


There is hardly any other safety component that receives as little attention as the wiper blade. It can even happen that it is not replaced for several years. Or that it is not replaced until it is no longer able to wipe the windscreen clear in poor weather. However, a wiper blade has a really hard job to do, and in doing so it is exposed to severe influences. It has to withstand sunlight and dust, insect remains, chemicals, and frost and ice. With time, it will become brittle and its fine lips can gradually wear away.

TIP: You should replace your wipers at the latest when it starts to smear or leave streaks on the glass.

Wind tunnel.

Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades have been specially optimized for Volkswagen models in accordance with the specifications defined by our engineers, for example for the glass adhesion on Volkswagen windscreens. This is preceded by extensive wind tunnel testing under extreme conditions. This is needed to maximize aerodynamics for the model concerned. For example, this testing allows us to design a wiper blade that will work reliably, even at top speed, on a car with an integrated spoiler.


One of the decisive factors affecting good visibility is that the wiper blade is able to wipe a precisely defined field clean. The curved windscreens of our models demands the right length wiper blade with a stable and yet flexible fixture. With Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades we have done our best to help ensure that you enjoy unhindered visibility.


The Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades are characterized by an innovative protective coating on the wiper rubber. This means better protection against environmental influences and a better coefficient of friction. Optimum wiper performance is retained for longer and wiper noises are reduced.

Wear indicator.

The wear indicator is a superb innovation. You can check for yourself at any time whether the wiper blades need to be replaced. The actual wear indicator is located under a protective film, which is peeled off when the wiper blade is fitted to activate the system. Over time, this film is discoloured from black to yellow by environmental influences. That is the signal to renew the wiper blades. The wear indicator takes into account the different regional intensity of UV exposure and different ageing processes of the wiper blade. It does not react to mechanical influences or to damage to the wiper rubber caused by dirt or ice, so continuing to check your wipers for wear and tear is important.