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Real stopping power.

It may sound almost too simple, but having the ability to come to a full stop is probably the most important safety feature in your car.

The brakes have absolute top priority in a maintenance service. It is important for them to work with 100% reliability when they are applied, especially in dangerous situations. To help ensure that you can always rely on them, the brake fluid should be changed completely every two years.

Volkswagen Owner’s Manual Recommendation: have the brake fluid check performed every two years. Volkswagen Service only uses Genuine Volkswagen Brake Fluid.

Hard to stop?

The Volkswagen Certified Technicians are braking experts, knowing just how to service the computer-controlled components in the sophisticated anti-locking brake system (ABS) on all Volkswagen models. A Volkswagen Certified Technician will install Genuine Volkswagen Brake Pads and Rotors, fitting your car with just the right parts to help you stop safely.

Have this done either as part of our NO-CHARGE Multi-Point Inspection or in the brake service. A vehicle with a heavy load will place a great strain on the brake system. The greater mass that has to be braked can cause unnoticed wear and then develop into a real problem.

According to the Volkswagen owner’s manual, new brake linings and brake discs alone will not guarantee optimum deceleration. Old brake fluid can also be a problem. Get rid of it – at the latest every two years.

Learn more about Genuine Volkswagen Brake Fluid

Ask your VW Service Consultant about having your brakes checked today!

Genuine Volkswagen Brake Linings

Optimum brake performance by a special material composition, composed of about 20 different raw materials, specific to the model concerned, exemplary comfort, high resistance to wear and much more besides help ensure the best possible function of your brake system.

The major advantages of brake linings include:

  • Developing their full performance at top speed.
  • Designed to withstand basic temperatures of more than 800°C and even up to 4000°C in microscopic areas, at the so-called hot spots. They are also able to withstand temperatures down to minus 50°C without significant loss of friction. Expansion, shrinkage, bending or cracking would also not cause any major malfunction.
  • Keeping the very high temperatures that can be encountered in the brake discs away from the brake cylinders.
  • Withstanding salt, brake fluid, fuel and much more besides without losing the reliable braking characteristics for which they are known.
  • Remaining quiet and smooth. They do not produce smoke or unpleasant burning smells when the brakes are applied. Increased pedal force, which could actually constitute a safety risk, is ruled out by way of design.
  • Fitting precisely—no need for remodelling or readjustment. This saves time and money, and it also eliminates additional fault sources.
Genuine Volkswagen Brake Discs

There is hardly any component on a vehicle that is more important for driving safety than the brakes. The unrestricted function of the brake discs is therefore essential.

Together with brake linings, brake discs are the brake system components with the greatest exposure to wear. At high rates of deceleration, the brake performance is several times greater than the engine output. In order to achieve the optimum braking performance in all operating situations, the friction surfaces must always be in a flawless condition. Genuine Volkswagen Brake Discs help provide maximum safety with superior quality and absolute precision fitting.

The advantages of disc brakes.

Disc brakes are increasingly fitted to modern motor vehicles. The major advantages of disc brakes include:

  • Insensitivity to temperature
  • Low risk of fading
  • Sensitive metering when braking the vehicle
  • Automatic readjustment
  • Uniform braking effect in both directions of rotation of the brake disc
  • Compact design
  • Good self-cleaning capacity
  • Good track holding