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Volkswagen of America

AUX-in for portable audio players¹

  • AUX-in for portable audio players¹
AUX-in for portable audio players¹

Remember the days of using a cassette adapter for your MP3 player to play it through your stereo? Neither do we. Thanks to the AUX-in on your Routan, you can connect your iPod®1 or other portable music player directly to your audio system stereo. No more clicks or hisses from the cassette, just beautiful music. Okay, maybe we do remember.

  • ¹ Feature is optional.
    ² ©2010 SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. “SIRIUS,” “The Best Radio on Radio,” the SIRIUS logos, channel names and logos and
    related marks are trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. All other trademarks, service marks, and logos are the
    property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Not available in HI and AK.
    ³ Feature is optional. The Volkswagen navigation system depends upon signals from the worldwide Global Positioning Satellite network.The vehicle's electrical system, and existing wireless and satellite technologies, must be available and operating properly for the system to function. The system is designed to provide you with suggested routes to addresses, destinations and other points of interest. Changes in street names, construction zones, traffic flow, points of interest or other road system changes are beyond the control of Volkswagen of America, Inc., or Volkswagen Canada.
    Complete detailed mapping of lanes, roads, streets, toll roads, highways, etc., is not possible; therefore, you may
    encounter discrepancies between the mapping and your actual location. Please rely on your individual judgment in
    determining whether or not to follow a suggested navigation route. Periodically the mapping is updated and a new
    DVD will be required in order to maintain the latest navigation information available to us. These will be available for
    purchase from time to time at additional cost. Consult your dealer or call 1‐800‐DRIVE‐VW for details.
    ⁴ “iPod” is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved.