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Volkswagen Credit rewards the loyalty of our Volkswagen drivers with equally unforgettable service when it comes time to purchase or lease their next vehicle. For 30 years, Volkswagen Credit has offered competitive financial services to a nationwide family of owners and dealers.


Our incredible vehicle lineup is supported by signature service and customized programs that are tailor-made exclusively for Volkswagen Credit customers. Discover the benefits of online account management, a selection of unique service plans, and premium MyVWInsurance coverage.


Why finance with Volkswagen Credit?

Convenient and simple throughout your financing experience. Ask your Volkswagen dealer about your eligibility for special offers through Volkswagen Credit, the only financial institution endorsed by Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Freedom can mean many things

Volkswagen Credit is the preferred choice for VW drivers who want to experience world-class financing and a one-stop shop offering helpful online tools and superior customer service. We're the only financial institution endorsed by Volkswagen of America, Inc., so let us help you decide if ownership or leasing is right for you.

Financing Benefits

  • No vehicle customization limits/restrictions
  • No end of lease obligations such as excess wear and tear
  • Ability to own for life of the vehicle and earn equity
  • Competitive lending rates and flexible terms offered by Volkswagen Credit

Leasing Benefits

  • Lower monthly payments (on average than financing)
  • Flexible lease terms and options
  • The ability to turn-in your vehicle for a newer VW model or buy your vehicle at a predetermined price at lease maturity
  • A range of mileage options that suit your lifestyle

Go ahead, take advantage of us

Whether you are a recent graduate, first-time Volkswagen driver, or returning to the Volkswagen family, Volkswagen Credit offers incentives that aim to please any driver. Locate a Volkswagen dealership and go in for a visit to discuss any one of the Special Programs we offer. It's just one more way we help create options for every member of the VW family.

Whether you lease or finance, no credit history will be required, and no cosigner will be needed.1 Besides offering competitive rates to those eligible,2 we'll also help you make your first payment.3 Additionally, no security deposit is required if you lease.

We want to help make it easier for you to get behind the wheel of a VW, which is why Volkswagen Credit has designed a specific program for first-time buyers. If this is the first vehicle you have ever financed and you are currently employed full-time and have been for a full year, you might be qualified.4

Return your leased vehicle for a newer VW model and we'll happily waive the security deposit5 on your new vehicle and the disposition fee on your current lease.6 Ask your Volkswagen dealer about eligibility requirements. For questions, call (800) 521-0171, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern).

Eligible businesses can purchase or lease vehicles through Volkswagen Credit and are offered special programs, including retail financing, driver's option, and lease capabilities for qualifying corporations or partnerships.7

We welcome business professionals from countries outside the United States to finance or lease a VW model during your stay in the United States. Contract length is limited to your length of stay as governed by the applicant’s visa or employment contract. Ask your Volkswagen dealer for details on candidacy and eligible vehicles.

We know you're busy, so we help make paying for a VW model easy. With plenty of options to pay your Volkswagen Credit bill, we've covered all of your bill-paying bases. We’re helping to make it easier to manage financing your vehicle.

Log in to your Volkswagen Credit account to manage your account, make online payments, review statements, request a payoff quote, or switch to paperless invoicing.

Set up scheduled withdrawals and we'll help make sure your payment is made on time, every month. You can enroll or cancel this service at any time by accessing your account at

Our Interactive Voice Response system ((800) 428-4034, option 1) is available 24 hours a day and allows you to make simple monthly payments using your routing and checking account number.8 To request a payoff quote, call (800) 428-4034, option 3. If you would like to speak to a representative, our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern).

Send your monthly payments, property tax, late charges, sales tax, and extra payments to the address listed below or check the front of your billing statement for your designated payment address. For final payments, log in to your Volkswagen Credit account and view your account details, or please call (800) 428-4034 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern).


Volkswagen Credit
P.O. Box 5215
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5215

Western Union® Quick Collect and MoneyGram® Express Payment can offer you alternative payment options. Choose to make your payment online, over the phone, or in person with your local Western Union or MoneyGram representative.  

Take time to prepare for your visit

You've kicked the tires and taken a test drive, now it's time to talk about financing. We know you're curious, so we've created these helpful guides to offer you details about what you can expect when you are ready to take the next step toward joining the VW family. Start your journey now by clicking on any one of the guides.


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